Community Partnerships

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Denver Health’s School-Based Health Centers

Denver Health’s School-Based Health Centers provide primary care, mental health, reproductive health education and insurance enrollment assistance services to Denver Public School students.
In partnership with a school nurse, our medical professionals treat major health conditions that affect school-aged children during the school year, keeping them at school and parents at ease, all at a convenient location.
The health center is staffed by medical professionals that specialize in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, and is equipped to provide primary care services, physicals, vaccinations, and care for sick children during the school year.
As part of Denver Health, our health center is backed by an integrated system that has a full service hospital with specialty care services, including urgent care and emergency care for children—our medical professionals have all of the resources in place to provide complete care to your child—starting with a convenient location, located right inside of their school.

  • Primary Care Services
  • Immunizations and Vaccinations
  • Physicals
  • Treatment for minor injuries and illnesses

Contact the Lake Middle School Health Center at  720-424-0281

Colorado UpLift

Colorado UpLift’s programs are currently in Denver and Aurora public schools. We serve in 20 public schools, delivering leadership and character classes in over 200 classrooms. Together, over 3,500 students actively participate in UpLift programs. UpLift’s unique, relationship-based approach employs full-time staff who represent the community they serve. Part teacher, part mentor, part life coach, our dedicated team members make themselves available 24/7 to build relationships with students.

City Year

City Year AmeriCorps helps to close gaps in high-need schools by supporting students’ academic and social-emotional development while also providing schools with the additional capacity to enhance school culture and climate.

City Year brings together diverse, talented teams of young adults to serve in high-need schools across the country, where they support students, teachers and schools all day, every day. City Year AmeriCorps members build strong, “near-peer” relationships with students and provide academic and social-emotional support, while serving as essential resources to the school to boost student learning and achievement. Through their work in schools and communities, City Year AmeriCorps members not only make a difference in the lives of students they serve, but also acquire valuable skills that prepare them to become the next generation of civically-engaged leaders.

Nationwide, City Year provides a powerful double bottom line: improved outcomes for students in high-need schools and the cultivation of the next generation of leaders through our alumni.