Curriculum for Student Success

The Lake Middle School staff is committed to a rigorous curriculum based on common core standards. We believe that all students deserve to be ready for high school, and our goal is to help students move toward readiness for college by the time they leave middle school.

CSC Meeting Agenda

(Lake Middle School)

1820 Lowell Blvd.

Denver, CO 80204


Date: 9/15/20  Time: 4:00-5:00

Meeting Location: Front Lawn


Lake Middle School Mission Statement:

Lake Middle School empowers and celebrates culture for all students to learn, grow, and develop strength of character to positively impact our communities.

Committee Members:

  1. Call to order, welcome: “What has gone well with the start of the school year?”
  1. Celebrations: –

-Enrollment 541 kids as of 9-15-2021

-Back to School Night

  1. Public Input:  By Laws Approval- Read by laws and approved as a group 
  1. Elections for CSC- conducted voting for each member group
    1. Recruit additional members 
      1. Hispanic Heritage Fiesta and Jazz at Knight
  1. Principal’s Report: 
    1. 6th grade schedule changes 
    2. Wait List/Enrollment (Shared vision)
  1. Discussion items (may be based on CSC Calendar-reflected on SIP Guide):
  1. New Business Items:  
    1. Wait List/Enrollment (Shared vision)
    2. Shared Campus
  2. Old Business Items: Meeting Times and Locations
  1. Setting of agenda for next meeting
  1. Date for next meeting 10-6-2021

Rigorous Academic Core Classes

Intentional School Culture

Enrichment Opportunities

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