Middle School

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School Culture and Values

At Lake, we live by the following core values:



Hard Work


Lake Middle School Philosophy

Our staff believes in an academically-focused, safe and nurturing environment for every child.  Our staff is committed to providing a school culture in which every child thrives, both academically and socially.  To provide this culture and environment for our students, we have developed some school-wide actions to help students succeed:

  • We know our kids and always greet them by name.  You’ll see the administration in the mornings greeting scholars as they enter the building and our teachers throughout the day greeting each student as they enter the classroom.  To attend to the individual strengths and needs of our students, we must know who they are.
  • School-wide rituals, routines and protocols are in place to maintain a culture of learning and peer acceptance for all.  We believe consistency and structure help all students succeed.
  • We know that coming to middle school can be intimidating.  To help students feel safe, we have grade-level hallways and group most of our essentials classes by grade level, so that students are surrounded by similar aged peers.
  • We practice Restorative Approaches with our students.  We do not believe in immediate consequences, but in working with students to find a solution to any disruptions of learning in which they take the responsibility.

All of these things together allow students to feel safe, accepted and respected in our building.  This allows Lake scholars to focus on academics, preparing them for high school, college and beyond.